2018 Coordination and Collaboration Grant Awards

Glue Money: CRF Announces Grant Awards for Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem

The Climate Resilience Fund (CRF) is pleased to announce the recipients of its inaugural round of awards for Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem.

Each of the organization listed below received one-year $25,000 awards from the Climate Resilience Fund. Through a unique partnership between CRF, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Harmonic International, each of these organizations will receive an additional $25,000 in funding. This important work supports NOAA’s mission of promoting climate resilience among U.S. communities and businesses and aligns with the goals and objectives of the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit.

American Society of Adaptation Professionals – $25,000

To enhance the interoperability of climate knowledge brokers and online resources for adaptation practitioners

Climate Access – $25,000
For building The Resilience Navigator, a dynamic web-based landscape analysis tool for identifying key actors in the Resilience Ecosystem

EcoAdapt – $25,000
For creating The Climate Adaptation Registry, an open-access online tool to help managers and planners from communities and organizations of all sizes to connect with vetted climate services providers

Freshwater Futures – $25,000
For a collaborative project to increase the awareness and use of decision analytic tools and concepts in climate change adaptation

Future Earth – $25,000

To improve data tools that allow decision-makers to utilize compelling visualizations in climate resilience analyses

The Model Forest Policy Program – $25,000

For increasing the provision of informed and effective climate services to underserved rural communities

To learn more about these new grants and the collaborative project that they support please visit: http://climateresiliencefund.org/grants/

More information on CRF’s 2018 Collaboration and Coordination grants competition

This grant competition focused on coordination of climate adaptation and resilience services. Grants were made available to qualifying organizations seeking support for collaborative projects that build upon, interconnect, and increase access to existing resources that support climate change adaptation, resilience activities, and applied outcomes.

The size of these grants is intentionally small. The competition was designed to incentivize innovative collaborations aimed at creating efficiencies in the emergent resilience ecosystem. Rather than funding the creation of new products, CRF positioned these awards as “glue money”; grants that could be used to build upon, strengthen or connect two or more existing tools or resources within the climate services sector.

Awards were provided to six nonprofit organizations, but funds will be shared among more than 20 separate organizations which have self-organized into multi-partner collaboratives focused on expanding the provision of climate services and resources in the U.S. Each if these collaboratives will work independently and across projects bolster efforts that increase the resilience of both human communities and natural ecosystems to the anticipated effects of increased climate variability and change.

Darren Long