Mapping Action Collective

Integrating community-based science and geocomputation for building community resilience to extreme heat island effects in US cities ($25,000)

Recipient: Mapping Action Collective

Project Partners: CAPA Strategies, Science Museum of Virginia, Boston Museum of Science, Collective of South Florida Cities, GroundWork New York (Yonkers), and the City of Honolulu’s Office of Climate Sustainability and Resilience.

 This grant supports two major initiatives. The first is the development of a web-based platform for conducting community science campaigns, which provides the essential elements for managing and organizing a scientific field campaign for towns and cities. The platform will include information materials (e.g. manuals and videos), guidelines for ordering relatively inexpensive campaign temperature equipment (e.g. thermocouple, mounting instructions, downloading data, etc.), and an online invitation system for enabling partners to engage volunteers (e.g. recruiting drivers, marking areas of interest, generating route maps, etc.), and templates for communications and promotion both before and after these single-day campaigns. These refined “do-it-yourself” campaigns will be hosted and championed by local lead organizers representing informal science learning centers, other NGO’s, and municipalities that are already invested in participatory, civics-to-action climate resilience programming, thereby leveraging cost-share funding and volunteer time in the process.

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