Future Earth

Improving Tools that Allow Decision-Makers to Better Utilize Compelling Visual Data in Resilience Analyses

Recipient: Future Earth

Project Partners: FernLeaf Interactive, World Resources Institute, Vizzuality

Local planners and decision-makers are facing tough questions in a changing climate. Should city officials update building codes to climate-proof infrastructure against storm surges from monster hurricanes like Maria or move to higher ground? Should farmers in drought-prone regions adopt more efficient irrigation systems or switch to climate-resilient seeds? A barrier to answering these questions is the lack of access to useful and timely climate data and information. Existing resources, such as the Climate Explorer and the Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP), have made strides in increasing the usability and accessibility of data for the resilience ecosystem. The Climate Explorer has improved the accesibility of climate information in decision making by building several data visualization modules with historic and projected climate and high tide flooding data. The newly developed open-source PREPdata platform is desgined to help users to find relevant data for climate adaptation and resilience planning. With support from CRF, Future Earth will improve user visualizaitons in Climate Explorer and incorporate them into PREPdata, allowing the modules to be included on PREPdata dashboards. This project will benefit the resilience ecosystem by increasing practitioner’s ability to incorporate and translate critical climate data into local decision making.