The Climate Adaptation Registry ($25,000)

Recipient: EcoAdapt

Project Partners: American Society of Adaptation Professionals, Geos Institute, Adaptation Service Bureau

Managers and planners from communities and organizations of all sizes are in need of guidance as they seek to make climate-informed decisions. EcoAdapt and its partners are creating a new online open-access Registry that will help to connect local decision-makers with vetted climate services providers.The rapidly growing Resilience Ecosystem contains many accomplished service providers and adaptation resource organizations. This product will help decision-makers quickly find the expertise they need to plan for, implement and evaluate climate resilience actions in their communities. The Registry will promote a common understanding of good practice and create a new system of service provider accountability. While other efforts are underway to identify, map, and create better access to adaptation organizations, there are currently no means available to locate and connect individual service providers with those in need of their services. In an emergent field that lacks certification standards, the Registry will provide local leaders with an efficient way to contract with service providers with relevant experience and proven perfomance.