Climate Access

The Resilience Navigator Project ($25,000)

Recipient: Climate Access

Project Partners: NOAA Climate Program Office, Bellwether Collaboratory, American Association of Adaptation Professionals, Science to Action Community

The Resilience Navigator is aimed at scaling adaptation/resilience services by developing a dynamic web-based landscape analysis tool for identifying key actors in the Resilience Ecosystem based on roles, functions, and relationships. The Navigator will allow service providers and end users to gain insights as to how skill sets and services fit together, provide a better understanding of what is happening on the ground, and to identify gaps and opportunities for implementing climate adaptation strategies in their communities. This effort will consolidate data from a landscape analysis and member surveys of service organizations and use this as the basis for the map that will update dynamically as other actors in the Resilience Ecosystem add themselves to the database via a publicly accessible web app. The project will establish a foundation for ongoing coordination among service providers as the organizations involved will determine how to better connect their assets together in the landscape so end users find it easier to navigate the adaptation/resilience field,  will pilot a process for sharing proprietary information with each other, and using this data to foster collaboration.