American Society of Adaptation Professionals

Enhancing the Interoperability of Climate Knowledge Brokers and Online Resources for Adaptation Practitioners ($25,000)

Recipient: American Society of Adaptation Professionals

Project Partners: EcoAdapt, Georgetown Climate Center, UNC Asheville’s National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

 To ensure a climate-resilient future, effective decision making is needed in every sector and at every scale. The foundation of effective decision making is actionable, relevant, and appropriate information. EcoAdapt’s Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE), Georgetown Climate Center’s (GCC) Adaptation Clearinghouse, and the federal government’s Climate Resilience Toolkit (CRT) are the adaptation field’s key knowledge brokers. These web portals act as toolboxes for members of the Resilience Ecosystem by providing curated access to a wide range of resources and information. This project aims to examine these three platforms to identify key similarities and differences, build collaboration, and develop a plan for platform interoperability. The key objectives of the project include (1) helping users recognize when to use which tool in the toolbox, and (2) preparing the field’s knowledge brokers for further integration and collaboration. Deliverables include enhanced site linkages and connections among the three platforms where overlap exists and identification of complementary content for possible cross-platform synthesis.