CRF is proud to sponsor the Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem (CCRE) grantmaking program. The CCRE features an annual grants competition that aims to rapidly scale up climate adaptation and resilience services throughout the U.S.

The CCRE program provides grants to qualifying organizations seeking support for collaborative projects that improve, combine, align, or scale existing climate services that support adaptation and resilience activities and outcomes. The program is designed to support initiatives that address recognized goals and gaps in the “Resilience Ecosystem”. We define the Resilience Ecosystem as the open and inclusive community of public and private entities that are working to sustain and evolve science-based tools, information, and expertise that can help resource managers, land-use planners, businesses and others to proactively build resilience to climate-related impacts

We think of CCRE grants as “glue money”, because they have enabled organizations to take existing programs, resources, or tools that may have been complimentary or compatible and connect them, making them more integrated, or accessible, or just bigger and better. The notion that we have hit upon, that small grants aimed at supporting collaboration activities are scarce, but necessary, has been something of a revelation, particularly from a leverage standpoint. Resources that directly support collaboration are among the most difficult to acquire and NGOs are often forced to either use precious general funds (also challenging to raise) to support these activities or simply not collaborate. This can have the effect of creating duplication or redundancy of programs or services. Our criteria require that existing resources must be connected or scaled with these grants, and that no new and potentially duplicative projects or resource are built with CCRE funds. 



CRF created the CCRE and undertook the first grants competition in early 2018 after establishing a unique public-private partnership with the NOAA Climate Program Office. In January, 2018 CRF and the NOAA Climate Program Office recently co-sponsored a two-day workshop in Silver Spring, MD. The Resilience Ecosystem Workshop gathered approximately 60 organizational representatives from across the U.S. These participants are representative of a broader community of organizations and individuals currently engaged in helping the nation understand and prepare for current and forthcoming effects of a changing climate. Workshop participants were asked to work together to identify opportunities to collaborate on synergistic projects that build on existing resources in the broader Resilience Ecosystem. Project ideas were generated by participants at the meeting and may be developed into project proposals for this grant competition. Information about the Workshop—including the agenda, summary report, and participants’ project ideas/concepts—is available on the RE Workshop webpage. The CCRE partnership with NOAA fulfils two of CRF’s foundational goals. The first, to catalyze philanthropic and federal investment in U.S. climate services capacity and coordination. The second, to rapidly scale up climate services, capacity, and coordination for the U.S. 

List of CCRE Grants