What We Believe

CRF was founded on the belief that climate change adaptation and resilience strategies embody an opportunity to re-shape societies’ relationship with the natural world; an opportunity to mainstream principles and practices of sustainability, conservation, and social equity into decision-making in all sectors and at all levels of governance.


Our Mission

The Climate Resilience Fund mobilizes resources to support resilience and sustainability outcomes in communities across the U.S. and for the natural systems on which they depend. Together with our partners, we aim to expand our collective capacity to create a more adaptive, sustainable, climate-resilient society.


New Grant Awards Announcement

August 2019 - The Climate Resilience Fund announces five new awards for Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem. More information…

Mapping Action Collaborative

Integrating Community-based Science for Building Community Resilience to Extreme Heat Island Effects 2019

Model Forest Policy Program

Resilient Rural America Project 2019

Headwaters Economics

Integrating Climate and Economic Date to Map Risk Exposure 2019

New Report

The Climate Resilience Fund (CRF) has partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Climate Adaptation Fund to author a groundbreaking new report that provides practical guidance to funders and natural resource managers for reducing investment risk in the era of climate change.

The report presents a new concept, the continuum of intentionality for funders, which contains three levels: Empower, Require, and Equip.

"This allows funders to evaluate their current capacity for considering climate change in their own work and that of their grantees,” explained John Nordgren, Managing Director of the Climate Resilience Fund. "The guidance meets them where they are by presenting options with varying levels of effort for incorporating climate-science based criteria and provides them with the next steps and necessary tools to increase their level of intentionality.”

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